Photography is my everything. From getting the right light, to placing a hand just so, I love snapping The Moment. It’s all about getting that perfect shot. The photographs we leave define us: generations pour over the details and wonder what it was like to be there. We wonder about our grandparents, and we’ll leave a legacy of love for those come next in the family tree. A photograph does just that; it preserves a time when everything was just…perfect.

I want you to have the photograph that defines a moment in time, the one that hangs on the wall forever – that’s the picture I strive for. The beautiful details are the heartbeat of photography: I want your heart to skip a beat for decades to come. When I work someone, I want to know them, learn about who they are. I want to know your love, what made you the person you are.

Working together, we’ll craft a vision that’s unique, but classic. We’re here to tell your story. Instead of just snapping some photos, we create something together that’s timeless, romantic, and captures the emotions as they happen. I’m beyond lucky to have become one of the top wedding photographers in New Orleans, and it warms my heart. I’ve also been fortunate enough have my photographs published in industry publications, as well as bring home a few awards in the process.

I’ve been blessed to share my passion with so many. I’ve worked with families across New Orleans, all over Louisiana, and all throughout the south. But, due to my schedule’s demands, I’m only able to take on a limited amount of weddings each year. I believe in taking a “hands on” approach, and that takes time. But, I’d love to hear about you and your project. I’m always looking for the next great story to tell.

I beyond blessed to have an opportunity to do what I love and I’m thrilled you’re here. I hope I’ll be seeing you soon - 

xoxo Sarah