Lafitte wedding photographer Hilarie and Cody Engaged

The Proposal from the bride!

Our 4 year anniversary was on a Wednesday, and of course I had to work. He texted me that night while I was working, saying he made reservations for the weekend at the hard rock hotel on bolixi! It was a nice surprise and a good getaway at the time from school and work. So he told me to pack something nice because he made dinner reservations at the Ruth’s Chris there. That night when we were getting ready I was giving him a hard time because I said he was overly dressed. He wanted to wear a jacket, and I kept fussing saying it was too dressy (little did I know, he was trying to hide the ring box)! So he gave in, took off the jacket, which meant he had to take the ring out of the box, and just put the ring itself in his pocket. Dinner was amazing, and afterwards he wanted to go walk out by the water and pier. While down there we were just casually talking, then he said,” you know what would make this night perfect….if you would marry me”. I turned around in shock to find him smiling and hold up the most beautiful ring! ( I have never expressed or showed him any rings, so I was pleasantly surprised)

First Date!

We went to New Orleans. We were going to the house of blues for a country concert. We got lost walking around on the city, and by the time we made it, the tickets were sold out. So instead we aye at the restaurant. Things didn’t go exactly as planned, but it was still a great evening filled with lots of laughs even when we were lost lol!

How they met!

We went to high school together, so we have known each other for a very long time. And we were actually friends for years. We reunited at an LSU game tailgating, we spent the entire weekend together, and continued to hang out after that.




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