Lani + Jess Mandeville engagement

This is how Jess proposed to Lani! We both had a really busy summer and had not been on a date in forever. School was about to start back so we wanted to do something fun just the two of us. We planned a day to New Orleans. We went to the aquarium and walked the square and just enjoyed our time together. I thought he was going to propose there. I did have an idea about our engagement because we went look at rings the month before. Well he never proposed. I just accepted it and we went home. He drove home and I slept. When we got in his driveway he told me I could just stay in the car and he would follow me home in his truck. His plan was to text me and say follow the roses but that didn’t work out because I didn’t stay in the car like he had planned. I went inside and used the bathroom and played with his little dog for a while. This whole time he was waiting upstairs trying to make me go up the stairs. Finally I saw a single rose petal on the ground and I thought his dog had gotten into one of his moms arrangements. I picked it up and it was real. Then I knew. I followed the roses up the stairs down the hall and into his room where he was waiting with a heart made of roses and a dozen roses. He wanted it to be private and intimate which is how we are.


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