Lisa and Gregg Race and Religious wedding

Venue – Race and Religious

Photography – Sarah Mattix

Wedding planner – Brooke Casey, Southern Charm Weddings

Florist – Poppy and mint

Cake – Pure Cake

Music – Dr. Jazz for ceremony and D.J. Aaron Lane Reception

Video – Lonely Eskimo Productions

Lisa and Gregg said I do at Race and Religious which is a one of a kind venue in New Orleans. Brooke with Southern Charm weddings did a fabulous job and all the details were just perfect!! They had a second line band which is truly a New Orleans style wedding.

Q. How did you to meet?
A. I moved to New Orleans from Michigan in 2008 without a job or a plan, but with a love for this city. Two weeks later, I found work at the local animal shelter. From the moment I stepped into the Louisiana SPCA lobby, I knew I was making a very important and life altering decision. What I couldn’t know back then was that I would meet my future husband two years later within those very walls. Gregg began working in a different department of the SPCA, and as our paths crossed frequently throughout the halls and rooms of the shelter, we went weeks without speaking more than the occasional friendly “good morning.” Until one day, fate put us both in the employee break room.

Q. Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!
A. Last November we went on a weeklong trip to Seattle for Thanksgiving and to attend the Saint/Seahawks game with a group of friends from NOLA. The game ended up being arguably the worst Saints loss of the season, but luckily for us, it was not going to be the highlight of our vacation. Gregg had a plan all along to propose on the trip. While researching things to do in Seattle, Gregg learned of the city’s first skyscraper, the Smith Tower. The 100 year old building opens its doors to the public daily and boasts a top floor “Chinese Room” that’s home to a wishing chair. Legend has it than any single woman who wishes to be married should sit in the chair, and she shall be engaged within a year. Needless to say, as I was making my way across the room to sit in it for a photo-op, my mental one year countdown immediately began. I sat posed and smiling for several long seconds as our friends snapped pictures but Gregg didn’t even have his camera out. I was confused and yelled at him to take my picture, but instead of producing a camera from his pocket, Gregg brought out and ring and got down on one knee. I was so surprised, nervous, and excited that I forgot to say yes! After several times asking “are you serious, are you serious?” I answered his question with an “of course!”

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