Malissa and Robby Melrose mansion wedding

Event Planner – Brindiamo Events

Venue – Melrose Mansion

Cake- Pure Cake

Linen- La Tavola linen

Flowers – Perfect Presentations

Catering – Catering D’Orleans

Band – The Remixers

The proposal!

Robby schemed and planned with Malissa’s father, her boss, her coworkers, her best friends, her personal trainer, and each person on the Diaz/Maniglia family vacation for several months prior to popping the question. She is still amazed that no one, NO ONE, slipped and told her about Robby’s big secret.

Several months prior to the day of the proposal, Robby asked Malissa when, where, and how he should propose. Malissa wanted a few things: ask her father first; sometime before the end of 2015; in New Orleans; tell Cody and Rick Lara; and to not propose in a public place like a restaurant. Eight months later they were in New Orleans. They had been ring shopping, and it was before the end of 2015. Much to Malissa’s disappointment, Robby did not propose and they left with Robby’s family for their family vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Malissa was convinced that Robby was not going to propose this trip, but maybe he would during their Christmas vacation in NOLA. Little did she know Robby would ask her the next day on Memorial Day.

On Memorial Day, May 26, 2014, the men went golfing and the ladies lounged by the pool with the children. Upon his return from golfing, Robby was acting rather strange, in fact he was kind of rude to Malissa. Every time she tried to engage him in conversation he walked away from her or seemed distracted. Malissa just figured he was tired and left him alone for the rest of the day. Later that evening as Malissa was sitting outside enjoying the breeze off the ocean and time with family, Robby asked her to take a walk. She was afraid that maybe she had one too many martinis and asked if she was in trouble with him. Robby assured her that he was not mad and they walked towards the beach at sunset. As they walked down the beach away from the house Robby tells her about this gazebo on the beach his parents’ know about and suggested that they should check it out. Upon entering the gazebo there were candles, champagne glasses, and a bottle of champagne chilled in a child’s sand pail. Robby asked Malissa to sit down on the bench next to the champagne, but she protested because it was covered in seagull poop. After some fast talking/begging Robby finally convinced her to sit down and explained to her how important their love is and how much he appreciates Malissa’s love for him. The reader should know at this time Malissa had no idea what was going on. At the end of his speech, Robby asked Malissa to be his wife for life. After asking him several times if he was really proposing, Malissa said, “yes” to becoming Robby’s wife on May 26, 2014 in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Melrose mansion wedding

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