Race and Religious wedding photographer Amanda and Juan engaged

Sneak peek!

The proposal story from the bride… =)

This is such a crazy story! So for Juan’s birthday this past year all he wanted to do was watch some Mayweather vs Canelo fight at a friend’s house, but I wanted to do something fun and special for him and then we could “go meet everyone for the fight after dinner.” I secretly made dinner reservations at his favorite restaurant, Mr. John’s Steakhouse on St. Charles and a surprise party at his house for him after. I had his best friend helping me get everything together and making sure he didn’t find out about the dinner or the party. Little did I know, he had a surprise for me.

At about 1:30pm the day of his birthday, he decided that it was time, today was going to be the day. He asked my mom where I was taking him to dinner that night and told her why. Mr. John’s just happens to be directly next to where he works at Wyndham Ave Plaza. It was going to happen there. After dinner.

When I went to pick up Juan I was so excited. I blindfolded him and took him the long way to get to the restaurant. Little did I know, he knew where we were going. When we got there he took off the blindfold and it seemed to me that he was SO surprised and excited. He told me that before we left dinner we had to go run to his work and check in our friends Josue and Helen who were “staying there for the weekend.”

Dinner was amazing! Although I was so worried about the surprise party and everyone getting there the entire time. We talked about how it would be if we were engaged and married and how incredible our journey together has been. When dinner was over he told me they were waiting for us at the roof because the view up there is exquisite. You can see the whole city. As we were walking to the roof I had absolutely no idea what was about to happen. I didn’t think anything of it. We got to the stairs to get to the roof and there were rose petals and lights everywhere. I was so worried about the party after that I completely blew off all the details. I mentioned it looked like there was a party up there. When I walked out the staircase door onto the roof cameras and lights started flashing in my face, I was so confused. I saw Helen and Josue but once I turned the corner my entire family and Juan’s family was there. I was shocked! Juan grabbed my hand and said “So I guess you’re wondering why we’re all here” and then went into how much I meant to him and how much he was looking forward to a future with me. I was still in complete shock. He said his dad used to say “When you know, you just know.” I started crying, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was so special having everyone there to witness our special time. We have so many picture from that night. Everyone was so excited and crying!

So the night STILL wasn’t over…. Juan still had NO idea about his surprise party back at his house. After we took tons of pictures and drank champagne, everyone hurried and headed to his house. When we were driving down Juan’s street he freaked out by how many cars were in front of his house. It wasn’t until we pulled into the driveway and saw everyone standing outside on the front yard that he practically jumped out of my car before I could even stop! Everyone was yelling Happy Birthday and Surprise! We started telling everyone hi until I realized there was some news we needed to spread! We got engaged! Everyone was SO excited and surprised!!! It was one of the greatest nights of our lives! It was just so funny that we both surprised each other in the same night and it worked out PERFECTLY!






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